A community’s ability to appropriately provide potable water and collect and treat wastewater has significant impact on future residential and commercial development potential. Stormwater runoff and quality is also an important element that affects quality of life. Jacobi, Toombs & Lanz, Inc. (JTL) provides planning and design services for this project type to assist municipalities and utility companies in the provision of safe and sanitary conditions for their residents and businesses. The following projects are representative of our expertise:

Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) Mitigation Projects (Louisville, KY & Jeffersonville, IN), including:
  • Solids & Floatables Removal (CSOOP nine minimum controls)
  • CSO Systems Separation
  • CSO Point Elimination
  • CSO Regulator Removal
  • CMOM (Capacity Management/Operations & Maintenance) assistance in preparation of operational procedures of collection systems and pumping stations, review of construction standards.
  • Flow equalization projects at MSD’s West County and Floyd Fork wastewater treatment plants
Jeffersonville, IN Sewage Works: New Plant and Capacity Expansion Plan, including:
  • Twenty (20) Year Master Plan of Sanitary Sewage Conveyance and Treatment needs for Jeffersonville, IN
  • Collection System Lateral Extensions
Long Run Sanitary Interceptor & Force Main (Louisville MSD, KY)

Cane Run Sanitary Sewer Assessment Project (Louisville MSD, KY)

Dixie Gardens Collector Sewer (Louisville MSD, KY)

Bonenberger Area Drainage Improvements (Jeffersonville, IN) Silver Creek Water Corporation Storage Tank: 2.0 Million gallon precast, prestressed concrete water storage tank designed and built by tank manufacturer. JTL designed water main extensions, site work and sized the storage tank based on projected growth rates and fire flow demands.